Houston, We Have A Problem !

Where the name Houston Consulting comes from

In 1970, during the Apollo 13 mission, an unexpected event upended NASA’s plans. As a result of an oxygen-tank explosion that critically damaged their spacecraft, the mission’s three astronauts found themselves stranded in outer space.
In response to this situation, the ground team at the Johnson Space Center was able to step out of its usual frame of reference and quickly develop creative solutions to bring the crew back to Earth.
By calling his company Houston Consulting, founder Gilles Bourque has paid tribute to the innovation, efficacy, and diligence shown by NASA engineers.
Houston Consulting uses a combination of similar techniques, based on novel methods and up-to-the-minute tools.

“Failure is not an option.”

– Gene Kranz, Flight Director, Apollo 13

The founder, Gilles Bourque

An engineer by training, Gilles Bourque has developed a tremendous ability to apply logical reasoning to a broad range of industries and challenges. Breakthrough innovation and problem-solving are undoubtedly two of his greatest strengths. On all mandates, he’s able to motivate teams to go beyond their usual frames of reference and create an all-around enriching experience.
Gilles Bourque is a seasoned consultant who commands a wide range of skill sets, including creative problem-solving and nimble change management. He has an outstanding ability to process and analyze information for the purposes of generating new concepts.
Over the years, Gilles Bourque has built a solid network of professional talent that he can call on whenever required. He can also bring on existing teams to leverage their expertise.
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