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Our strength resides in our ability to act directly on the inner workings of an organization, whatever its size, sector of activity, and geographical scope. Below is a brief account of projects delivered by Houston Consulting in recent years in Quebec and around the world.


Client: Éco Entreprises Québec, in partnership with Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton
Mandate: Build a model for collection and sorting operations across Quebec as a whole (selective collection).

Client: Boissons Gazeuses Environnement
Mandate: Assess quantities of recovered containers through selective collection.

Mandate: Expert analysis and advice regarding technology solutions / Project management / Technology management / Knowledge of technologies.

Health care & pharmaceutical

Client: Biogen Boston Biotech, in partnership with Be4ward
Mandate: Company-wide deployment of a workflow management system / Global enterprise / Highly regulated sector.

Client: Pharmapar, in partnership with Vector7
Mandate: Select a CRM solution / Implement a CRM solution / Change management.

Client: Plexo
Mandate: Select technical solutions to support the company’s business plan / Business process reengineering.

Client: Charles River Laboratories
Mandate: Apply operational innovation in a microscope-slide laboratory. Implement a project management application.


Client: Prévost Autocar. Partner: CCDI
Mandate: Review the vehicle-assembly strategy / Expand and redevelop the paint shop / Change production-line speeds / Develop the service centre / Design the assembly line for model XL2 structures.

Client: Équipement Labrie Camion Recyclage
Mandate: Design an assembly line for a new dumper model / Reorganize a straight truck prep workshop.

Client: Maxi Métal Camion Pompier
Mandate: Reorganize paint operations.

Client: MSB (aircraft interiors) in partnership with Vector7
Mandate: Company-wide transformation project / Collaboration with the Vector7 team.


Client: Biogen Boston Biotech, in partnership with Be4ward
Mandate: Manage a deployment program for a company-wide management solution.

Client: Rogers Communications
Mandate: Project management for a leading Canadian player in digital networks and mobile telephony deployment for one of its clients (255 sites in Canada) / Management of a vast multi-service project.

Client: Mitel, in partnership with Solutions Metrix and Sugar CRM
Mandate: Manage a major CRM project.

Client: Varitron
Mandate: Manage the company’s digital transformation program.

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